Today’s Nuclear Weather in Japan

foto of Hiroshima Peace Memorial ( The Atomic Bomb Dome)

by Yoshiro Sakamoto

Today(6th Aug)’s nuke weather is a cross-chronicled state. Just 66 years ago, black wailing rain would have been falling down on the ground of Hiroshima. It was an atomic-bomb flash massacre. Today is in a sense same as that day. Moaning rain has continued showering down on the ground of Fukushima. It is an atomic-tomb chronic massacre. The great difference is that the rain is invisible today. we can’t avoid to touch the evil spores. it doesn’t have any colors. Yet, it’s not transparent. Because the government or the institutions are not transparent at all. They haven’t informed us of essential information. They have tried to make coffins for the tomb to stop the spores but they have failed.Yet they have already made a vail for covering it to muzzle the tongue of the morgue. We have lost the words to know the verities.

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